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How it works

Get your planning application right the first time


Instantly clarify your permit needs

Just type in your address and tell MyLot what you want to build. Our team of AI experts will let you know what council needs for approval.


Understand site specific requirements

Using live map and building legislation data MyLot delivers clear guidance about how to improve your application so it will be approved faster.

Get tips to avoid delays

MyLot is able to suggest ways you can change or tweak your application to avoid the need for additional approval


Plan your next steps

Get a list of the next steps you should take. Whether that’s submitting your application, or seeking more expert advice to prepare.


Generate personalised checklists

If you do need a permit, get a personalised checklist for the plans, reports, and forms that will be needed to get a speedy determination.

C0-designed with victorian and NSW councils

“MyLot has simplified statutory planning in ways I never thought possible.

Amanda Kern
manager of Planning and Building at Yarra Ranges

Created with and for Australian councils

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MyLot comes customised to your local and state planning schemes, no rule creation, no maintenance

Meet customers where they are and speak in their language

API-first, cloud-based approach provides just the information your teams need